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Military Buddies

For Our Fuhrer, Fangirls and Engrish's Sake

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1- You must love the military, of course!
2- Every newcomer must fill the personal identification template (aka name your rank, bitch), which is located in this post.
The completed article must then be posted as a comment here.
Please note that you ha to JOIN THE COMMUNITY before of making your ID post, or your superiors will not be able to let you join the army!
3- Every newcomer must address her/his relationship with the other users, eg: take a line from a random user’s history, and start to write your own history, don’t forget the fact that everybody in this community is military buddies with other members!
4- The identification must not exceed the word count 500.
5- You can only state your rank up to Lieutenant, we don’t want anyone to shout; “I am the Fuhrer, I own you all!”.
Here's a list of the available ranks:
- Private / Personell
- Corporal
- Sergeant
- Warrant Officier
- Cadet (That's mean you're a Student Officer)
- Second Lieutenant
- First Lieutenant
- Captain
- Major
6- When you are writing your name and surname to the personal identification template, your name must be written as your real name, and you must pick an airplane’s name for your surname.

. JOINING GUIDELINES (or "military code for dummies")
This is a moderated membership based community. That means you have to await for our blessing to be approved as a member AND being able to post.
1. Join the community.
2. Read the rules. Make your ID profile and post it.
3. Making your ID signed you as a member of the community, but it must follow the rules to let you give the possibility to post.
You are not going to be confirmed as a member if:
- You didn't join the community
- You missed to fill any part of the ID template
- You didn't mention any other member of the community in your hystory
Anyway we'll advert you in the comments or on your journal if there's something wrong with your application ^^

Then, you can make a post in the community, which contains your fan art and fan fictions about military and military life. AU (Alternate Universe), OC (Original Characters), SI (Self-Insertion), color-bars and icons, multiple pairings, doujinshi scans, crossovers, kinky sex in office, in short, everything is accepted in here but everything must be MILITARY RELATED. So, for example, scans of a doujinshi about Armstrong are allowed, Winry fanarts are not.
The use and abuse of lj-cuts is totally recommended.
Please, to let the community being browsable by other common beings, let it be clear and well-structured following those simple guidelines:

. fan arts template:
Author: (lj user link to your lj)
Technique: (oekaki, pencil drawing, painting, CG...)
Warning: (OC and SI must be included as warnings)

(your art under a cute LJ-cut)

. fan fictions template:
Title: (you can specify there also the chapter in case of long fanfictions)
Author: (lj user link to your lj)
Beta: (if available)
Genre: (Drama, commedy, angst...)
Warning: (OC and SI must be included as warnings)

(your ficlet under a cute LJ-cut)

. about "military buddies" comic episode submission:
"Military buddies" is a webcomic about this community, mostly managed by tomoe_daeva, but every member is free to submit his own episodes to contribute.
The style, script, technique and overall atmosphear are up to each member, and there are no skills requirements to partecipate.
The episodes must concern about the members's life as part of the Military. Interactions with other members, original characters and "actual" characters is encouraged.
- please don't post fanarts or fanfictions about you and your personal stories as comic submission. Those are classic fanarts and fanfictions entries. A comic is defined as a sequence of events that tells a story or introduce a character/relationship between characters.

. use tags to categorize your posts!:
Once you made a post, please, remember to add the correct tags to categorize of the posts.
Here are the available tags you can use:
- fan arts
- fan fictions
- military buddies webcomic (comic entries to the community webcomic)
- lj crap (icons, colour-bars, sponsor communities -only military related, please!-, quizzes results, memes)
- general discussions (articles about your favourite characters, discussions/questions/doubts concerning doujinshi, manga, movie or series -just keep everything military oriented)

...And remember, my fellow soldiers, there will be a lotsa NC-17 stuff in here, like homosexuality, explicit ownage by a superior officer, an so on. You have been warned.

Name: Eleonora Macchi
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Age: 24
Status: Soldier
Countryside: Western
Favourite food: potatoes.
Common habit: complaining about everything and everyone, declaring her superiority in everything, kissing Taisa’s ass XD
Romantic interests: Frank Archer
Motto: “Good Impressions are everything!”

Name: Ezgi Fresco
Rank: (recently promoted) Lieutenant Colonel
Age: 21
Status: The Kettle Alchemist (hand to hand combat specialist, boiling the water in the enemy's body)
Countryside: Eastern
Favourite food: Lazagna, Noodle with chicken.
Common habit: Spilling coffee on fellow soldiers, flirting with the newcomers.
Romantic interests: Everybody who is superior to me.
Motto: “Sorry, I only do instant coffee honey.”

. other 'military buddies' profiles