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Fanfiction... Cause I was Feeling Maniacle

Second Lieutenant Lansen reporting for duty!
Insanity is so much fun. Thought I'd give it a whirl... I see more of these in my future...

Title: Militia Mayhem
Chapter: Part 1
Author: Ceirwy
Genre: Humor, angst... mostly humor
Rating: 14A (that’s mature if you don’t follow that system)
Characters: Ed, Al, Hawkeye, Roy, Havoc, Furey, Hughes, Breda,
Pairings: Anything I come up with...
Note: I have no excuse...

1.As Hawkeye kicked down the door with one foot and let her bullets fly, the military men dove for cover behind overturned desks. Mustang exchanged “pleasure working you”’s and prayers with his subordinates before jumping out the window with project miniskirt tucked under his arm.

2. Wide eyed in horror, Breda gaped at the entangled mass that was Havoc and Furey before slamming the door and turning beet red. That was the last time he would ever enter the supply closet without knocking.

3.Some days Roy would visit the cemetery and let himself cry till Hawkeye picked him up and put him back together.

4. Tension was high and sweat pored down the sides of the colonel’s face as he contemplated the men around him. This was a life and death struggle he wouldn’t allow himself to loose. Bringing one gloved hand to the level of his eye Roy smirked and slammed his hand down. “Royal flush...” and Havoc groaned, grudgingly handing over the boxers that were the only bargaining chip he had left.

5. During Edward’s report to Central he became very acquainted with Mustang’s office floor and Hawkeye’s naked body.

6. Breda found rubber bands were far more useful sailing through the air then wrapped around things.

7.The intercom announcements were always interesting... “Identification must be carried at all times. Please remember to park in the designated area’s of the grounds. Tomorrow’s lunch will be chicken and potatoes. All personnel are reminded that the new removable desktop panels are not for sliding down the fourth floor stairs during the two o’clock coffee break...”

8. The day HQ ran out of coffee was the day Mustang found an excuse for slacking off.

9. Furey’s first true act of aggression was the day he shot Hughes in the foot for pestering him with photographs of the lovely Alysia. He was awarded with a medal for bravery later that week.

10. A sleeping Edward sat propped up on his chair leaning against the wall... The trip from Xing boarders to Central had been a tiring one, that coupled with a few criminal chases and dead end stone leads had worn the poor thing out. But that hadn’t stopped them from doodling on his face with a black magic marker while Alphonse had his back turned...
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