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30 themes for Military!Love

I was browsing the intraweb looking for ArcherxKimbly smex when I found this interesting thing.
Do you know the concept of 20themes, right? The idea is based on those lists of themes on a certain subject that you can use for creating your own collection of fanarts or fanfictions.

Well, this set is dedicated to the Military :D I don't know how many of you would be interested in following it, but maybe you can take a little ispiration (actually I'm going to use this for an ArcherxKimbly set X'D) ^_^

軍部好きに30のお題 (30 themes for Military Love)

01. はじめまして (Beginning)
02. 戦闘訓練 (Combat Exercise)
03. 三時のおやつ (Snack of 3 o'clock)
04. 上司部下 (Superior Subordinate)
05. 給料日 (Payday)
06. 家族 (Family)
07. 戦友 (Comrade)
08. 勝ち戦 (Victorious Battle)
09. 負け戦 (Lost Battle)
10. 殲滅戦 (Annihilation Battle)
11. 人殺し (Human Murder)
12. 死 (Death)
13. 煙 (Smoke)
14. デスクワーク (Desk work)
15. 休暇 (Holiday)
16. 銃撃戦 (Gun Battle)
17. 畏怖 (Awe)
18. 大切なもの (Important ones)
19. 生還 (Returning Alive)
20. 古戦場 (Old Battlefield)
21. 別離 (Parting)
22. 安息の地 (Area of Repose)
23. ありがとう。(Thank you.)
24. 血まみれ (Bloody)
25. 平和 (Peace)
26. 権力 (Power)
27. 信頼関係 (Something related to Reliance)
28. アンダーウェア (Underwear)
29. 護衛 (Guard)
30. 舞台裏では (Behind the Scene)

Excuse the Engrish, but it comes directly from Babelfish XD
If anyone know Japanese and can provide a better translation it will be great.

BTW, this theme comes from Karisome Knight.
If you want to follow this theme feel free to link it to this page using one of the provided banner.
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