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manga!Kimbly icons! [15 Jul 2006|12:54pm]

Well, yesterday I had nothing to do... So here're some textless icons dedicated to manga!Kimbly for you to use/modify.
Comment if take ♥ Credit would be appreciated but it's not required :3

*maniacal laughters*Collapse )
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The long awaited post! [03 May 2006|01:15am]

Hi how are you, underlings?
We, (mi wife.. Lt. Col. Macchi.. tomoe_daeva & me) had a very busy week, recently. And it was called Havoc week! Yes you heard it right, the one and only Jean Havoc, cigarette eater, unlucky in love, sexy, tall.. yes that Jean Havoc.

Every day's title was decided after our works posted at y!G, it was really fun to spam the pchat whole week with our nonsense, and bickering, and laughter, ..and Havocs, obviously.
I hoped that there would be more attendants, but, I think I didn't crossposted encouraged people more with advertising.
Enough rantage, on to the themes;

1. Strip Havoc Naked
2. Spying on Havoc
3. Lunchtime
4. Spank Havoc
5. Havoc gets Lucky
6. Molest sleeping Havoc
7. Sexy Outfit Havoc

WARNING NO2: Big images, Lootsaa big images.

First dayCollapse )

Second dayCollapse )

Third dayCollapse )

Fourth dayCollapse )

Fifth dayCollapse )

Sixth dayCollapse )

Seventh dayCollapse )

Someone on y!G suggested that we sould do a Roy week. Maybe, maybe, if my dear love of a wife quits accepting every challenge she gets (she is gonna be busy like hell, but heh, she is a fanart machine), I would totally work my cyber charm on her for the demonstration.

xposted to the necessary places. (omg, professional biznis talk)

Enjoy, ♥
stabs html and ljcuts
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[21 Apr 2006|02:33pm]

artdump dearies!

alphonse heidrich, -the sadness- Collapse )

edward, lineartCollapse )

easter bunny-ish edwardCollapse )

archer for my lovely wife tomoe_daevaCollapse )

winry, for my 20inkspots challenger emelyfiction Collapse )

alphonse and edward, in military uniformsCollapse )

edward -how many years has it been- Collapse )

alphonse heidrich, -germany- Collapse )

enjoy~! ♥
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Fanfiction... Cause I was Feeling Maniacle [19 Apr 2006|05:06pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Second Lieutenant Lansen reporting for duty!
Insanity is so much fun. Thought I'd give it a whirl... I see more of these in my future...

Title: Militia Mayhem
Chapter: Part 1
Author: Ceirwy
Genre: Humor, angst... mostly humor
Rating: 14A (that’s mature if you don’t follow that system)
Characters: Ed, Al, Hawkeye, Roy, Havoc, Furey, Hughes, Breda,
Pairings: Anything I come up with...
Note: I have no excuse...

clicky hereCollapse )

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30 themes for Military!Love [01 Apr 2006|10:52pm]

I was browsing the intraweb looking for ArcherxKimbly smex when I found this interesting thing.
Do you know the concept of 20themes, right? The idea is based on those lists of themes on a certain subject that you can use for creating your own collection of fanarts or fanfictions.

Well, this set is dedicated to the Military :D I don't know how many of you would be interested in following it, but maybe you can take a little ispiration (actually I'm going to use this for an ArcherxKimbly set X'D) ^_^

軍部好きに30のお題 (30 themes for Military Love)

01. はじめまして (Beginning)
02. 戦闘訓練 (Combat Exercise)
03. 三時のおやつ (Snack of 3 o'clock)
04. 上司部下 (Superior Subordinate)
05. 給料日 (Payday)
06. 家族 (Family)
07. 戦友 (Comrade)
08. 勝ち戦 (Victorious Battle)
09. 負け戦 (Lost Battle)
10. 殲滅戦 (Annihilation Battle)
11. 人殺し (Human Murder)
12. 死 (Death)
13. 煙 (Smoke)
14. デスクワーク (Desk work)
15. 休暇 (Holiday)
16. 銃撃戦 (Gun Battle)
17. 畏怖 (Awe)
18. 大切なもの (Important ones)
19. 生還 (Returning Alive)
20. 古戦場 (Old Battlefield)
21. 別離 (Parting)
22. 安息の地 (Area of Repose)
23. ありがとう。(Thank you.)
24. 血まみれ (Bloody)
25. 平和 (Peace)
26. 権力 (Power)
27. 信頼関係 (Something related to Reliance)
28. アンダーウェア (Underwear)
29. 護衛 (Guard)
30. 舞台裏では (Behind the Scene)

Excuse the Engrish, but it comes directly from Babelfish XD
If anyone know Japanese and can provide a better translation it will be great.

BTW, this theme comes from Karisome Knight.
If you want to follow this theme feel free to link it to this page using one of the provided banner.
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hey, underlings, howdy.

so Lt. Col. Fresco (me), Lt. Col. Macchi (tomoe_daeva) and Mj. Foxbat (kermitclein)had a chat at the very latest hours of a end of a work day.
gossips, fresco's hatred beyond mustang, and stupitidy.

it was fine fine day--ugh,notCollapse )

oh the engrishness.
it hurts.

if you wanna join in, contact one of us, and we shall chat away our stressfull working moments.
not crossposted.

but maybe i will crosspost.
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New episodes~ [16 Mar 2006|07:33pm]

Well new episodes of Military Buddies. I know you want them (X'D).
The first strip is a flashback with young Macchi and Fresco ;_; ! Ah, Military Accademy T_T ♥
Special guest in second strip: camudekyu.

Military Buddies - 'Storage Room'Collapse )
Military Buddies - 'Forbidden!'Collapse )

See ya~
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Fanarts! (Today is teh White Day!) [14 Mar 2006|03:18am]

[ mood | amused ]

Yeah. I'm all galvanized 'cause I opened my y!Gallery, so I made two new fanarts for the occasion.

( The Dynamics of Power )

Well, that's all, thanks for your attention n_n/
All direct linked to _deadlyweapons_

Some yaoi stuff. [10 Mar 2006|03:02am]

Well people, other fanarts.
Those ones are heavily NC-17. And in the last one there's rape. You've been warned.

( 'To take me out you must fight like a Man' )
( 'The Fundamentals of Comradeship' )
( 'Useless' )

Thank you for your attention. Feedbacks are more than appreciated, as usual.
All direct-linked to _deadlyweapons_

[08 Mar 2006|07:58pm]

In celebration of my new scanner -- which, if you can't tell, I haven't quite gotten the hang of -- I scanned the first and probably only picture of Jennifer Hustler, the Stoopid Alchemist, I will ever draw.


One part woman. One part chinchilla. All parts Stoopid.
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omg! armstrong! [08 Mar 2006|09:56pm]

heheh, i have fascinated by a post in envy_lightbulb, and i have copy pasted the ascii of armstrong to my profile ages ago.

so i was printing out some stickers that i made for a forum i was creating, so i said, wait, why not print the thing onto a tee??

ALL HAIL ASCII ARMSTRONG TEE!!(fakishcuttomejornali)

happily crossposted to my journal, militia_buddies, fm_alchemist, tehharem and obviously envy_lightbulb.
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Icon post! [08 Mar 2006|02:45pm]

Well, I had nothing to do. So some avatars for you.

[8] Archer x Kimblee
[3] Kimblee
[2] Archer
[1] Roy

The first set is lyric-themed. The song is Battle 1 (Thirst of Blood) from the Devil May Cry 3 OST... I thought this song fits well to Archer and Kimblee XD
'To take me out you must fight like a man'Collapse )

The second set is more random.. There's some Badass!Kimblee and some memorable quotes from 4chan...
'...Wanna go for a ride?'Collapse )
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Yeah. Fanarts. [05 Mar 2006|09:04pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

And here's your new dose of ArcherxKimblee.
I hope you'll like the new stuff.

'Redstone'Collapse )
'The missing sentence'Collapse )
NC-17 RATED!Collapse )

Crossposted at _deadlyweapons_, militia_buddies & fm_alchemist ^^

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[03 Mar 2006|07:05pm]

hello peeps!

this is my contrubition to militia buddies, a new comic called 'nicotine band crisis'.
mainly for my lj_wife tomoe_daeva ♥.

i must use white sheet to draw something like that.
onwards, underlings!Collapse )

okay, now.
that is an order.
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Fic: "The Fundamentals of Comradeship" [03 Mar 2006|12:49am]

Title: The Fundamentals of Comradeship
Authors: A boopkit & tomoe_daeva MSN collaboration
Pairing: Arckim, of course XD
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Well, I suppose our English sucks XDD If you find errors, mispellings and other horrors don't hesitate to tell :D This is a What If ffic: it's about Archer and Kimblee at Ishbal. And yes, they are ranked Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel the same (blame my wife and her total careless for storylines XD)
Word Count: 2189
Notes: Well, this had to be a gift by boopkit to me, but this morning she contacted me saying "Weeh, let's write the fanfic together!". I knew this meant I have to say goodbye to my gift XDD Anyway it was funny :D
I tried to underline my point of view about the relationship between Archer & Kimbley, at least I hope you'll find it interesting.

( 'I don't need your affection or sympathy, soldier. I don't need your respect neither. I only need your FUCKING ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL obedience, you get it..?' )

Crossposted at _deadlyweapons_, militia_buddies and fm_alchemist
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Frank Archer Fanlisting [02 Mar 2006|02:00am]

I was looking for an Archer fanlisting and I didn't find any, so I decided to open one.
Well, say hello to Warlord, comrades.
If you like this character feel free to join :D

Crossposted here and there.

PS: I remember you also A Brighter Sky, the fanlisting for Amestris Military ^^
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Office work is fun! [28 Feb 2006|02:37am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Well, today stuff is rated around PG-13/R.
As usual, a lot of ArcherxKimblee and Royai.

'Sex is always better with deadly weapons...'Collapse )
'Later..!'Collapse )

Crossposted at _deadlyweapons_ & militia_buddies

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...You know I've a thing for troubled love stories X'D [25 Feb 2006|02:51pm]

Well, Finally I had the willing to scan my stuff.
Four episodes of Military Buddies.
Special guests: Armstrong and Sheska (In addition to Archer, of course).
This time I focused mostly on Macchi's relation with Taisa. Poor me T_T

Military Buddies - 'Destined to LOVE!'Collapse )
Military Buddies - 'Forbidded Desires'Collapse )
Military Buddies - 'It's 'Metafiction'!'Collapse )
Military Buddies - 'Oh Shi-'Collapse )

Hope you like that. And sorry for massive images posting...
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a fancomic! [24 Feb 2006|04:42pm]

so yes, i have made a fancomic! featuring myself, riza, and roy!

and here it is!Collapse )
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fanart, as always. [24 Feb 2006|04:14pm]

Hello peeps, take 346534.

Yesterday night, we have watched (me and my super musical friend selen) conqueror of shambala, she watched it for the first time, but that was my 4th time.

two doodlings on oekaki board, one ed holding a gun, one ed and al hiedrich.Collapse )

and lastly this is us(tomoe_daeva and boopkit), Lt. Col. Eleonora Macchi on the left, and Lt. Col. Ezgi Fresco on the right, our uber collabrating!!

yeah, let's poseCollapse )

happily crossposetd to militia_buddies and fm_alchemist !
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